About Me

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Since my graduation in 1994 from Ontario college of art, there has been a nagging voice in my head. The head of the fine arts program said to me months before I finished, that it was "now time for you to unlearn the past 4 years, de-institutionalize yourself and rediscover why you liked art and what was unique about you when you entered school"

I have been on this journey of self and artistic discovery for 20 years now, looking at artwork all over the world and creating diverse and wholly different bodies of artwork in different mediums.

Art is nothing more than playing, coming to an honest place with your work and with yourself.

I have read various tomes on art and theory, and all that sticks is play, discovery and play again, through this we get to something truthful, perhaps not beautiful, not happy but true.

And 20 years later, I'm still trying to get there.

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